Auto Delivering your DATs since 2021

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DATVault works with version 3.4.1 (and newer) of ROMVault to automatically deliver & update your favorite DAT sets with just a few simple clicks.

With this brand new UI, you can now download DAT seed files directly from within RomVault, and from there keep the matching DATs up to date with just a few Clicks.

Think of DATVault as the Amazon Prime of DAT's! Why do you pay for Amazon Prime?
To get products delivered to your door as fast as you can get them. With Amazon Prime you are subscribing to a delivery service that you don't even have to think about. (Not the products themselves.)

DATVault is the delivery service for super fast DAT delivery! DATVault does not own the DAT's, it does not create the data contained in the DAT's
(see the official website using the web links in the UI.)
But DATVault (like Amazon prime) is your one click 'Order Now'/'Update Now' button to get all your DAT's right up to date without having to click around all over the web to find the DATs you are looking for!

DATVault comes enabled with a MAME DAT pack, for full access to all of the DAT packs shown in the screen shot, please subscribe with Patreon.

You can try it out for yourself, download the latest version of ROMVault and then click here:

Then click the MAME check box, and the Show Available check box, then select a DAT or two, and click Add Selected.

To See the full list of supported DATs please visit my wiki here.
Dats are updated about every 6 hours, you can see the full DAT update log below:
(Just see how many DAT updates you have been missing out on, up to now.)

Still not sure? here are some comments from a DATVault user....
I have to say - I was in two minds about whether the Patreon + DatVault option was worthwhile / good value. I'd honestly struggle without DatVault now. I had been creating docs on which dats to filter out for redump and no-intro, and was even writing programs to look for new dats in bulk dat downloads. DatVault has taken so many of those headaches away.
GordonJ is one of the best I know at writing software that gets straight to the heart of the problem. DatVault is a great example: I was looking for a faster horse and cart before he showed me I could have a car.

To see how busy DatVault is here is a Dat UpdateLog with a 1 week time delay in the data being shown: